Mattress Flexy Pure
Mattress Flexy Pure
Mattress Flexy Pure
Mattress Flexy Pure

Mattress Flexy Pure

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For a pleasant sleep!

What makes Flexy Pure so special?


Aqua Foam ‘recognizes’ and embraces every body type correctly

• Enjoyable feeling of comfort thanks to Memory Naturallis


BioGreen Foam with multiple zones for unique body support

• Unique body support thanks to BioGreen Foam.


Enjoyable feeling of comfort thanks to Memory Naturalis

Indulge in the embrace of every curve of your body thanks to the combination of state-of-the-art materials with the innovative Curved Memory Naturallis and enjoy unique comfort, free from the feeling of pressure on the body.


• Aegis Shield, for absolute hygiene and protection.
• Airstream Design, for incomparable hygiene and freshness.
• Total Health Protection, for a clean and healthy sleeping environment.
• Removable Cover, for extra ventilation and hygiene.
• Airflex Cover, to protect the core.
• Aero Zones, for temperature regulation and hygiene.

• Flexibility, for elasticity that adapts to your preferences.

• Mattress height (in the center): 22 cm • The mattress has a perimeter zipper.

• The Pure mattress is one-sided and does not require turning.

• The company does not recommend washing the fabric of the mattresses.

• All Media Strom mattresses are made to order, exactly in the dimensions that suit you. That's why it's important to order the mattress in the right dimensions.

• The dimensions of the mattresses can have an acceptable deviation of +/- 1 cm due to the nature of their materials. The company reserves the right to make changes to upgrade its products, without prior notice.

• All our mattresses are produced every 2 cm in width and length, depending on your needs (only in even dimensions). 8 year warranty

Media Strom is the only company in Greece and one of the 9 companies in the world, which has OEKO-TEX certification for the entire mattress.

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