Mattress Discover Premium
Mattress Discover Premium
Mattress Discover Premium
Mattress Discover Premium
Mattress Discover Premium
Mattress Discover Premium

Mattress Discover Premium

  • Verified Quality

Feel the absolute relaxation, without pressure. Enjoy the beneficial properties of relaxation, with a sleep system that completely regulates your rejuvenation and maintains it throughout your day.

Choosing Discover Premium you enjoy:


The perfect fit to the curves of the body is a fact, thanks to the advanced Memory VE that remembers the position where you rest.


Sleep IQ technology
The intelligent progressive support technology that helps the mattress to recognize every movement of each individual body

Exclusive PurEssence Progressive support technology. The progressive compliance Pocket springs offer an innovative and special combination of support, comfort and high sensitivity resulting in instant adaptation to different body weights and body type. Thanks to their dynamic structure, each spring self-complies to provide steady point support where appropriate.


2 in 1 products, Mattress & Topper Together

Memory VE for cuddling the exact contour of the body


Unique Aegis Shield technology, for hygiene and protection to an absolute level

  • Cocolatex AntiDust-Mite
  • Soft Foam • Stability Control Pad
  • 3D Elicoidal Fill
  • 3D Air Control zone

 • Mattress height (in the center): 29 cm.

• All layers are one-sided and do not require turning.

• All Media Strom mattresses are made to order, exactly in the dimensions that suit you. That's why it's important to order the mattress in the right dimensions.

• The dimensions of the mattresses can have an acceptable deviation of +/- 1 cm due to the nature of their materials. The company reserves the right to make changes to upgrade its products, without prior notice.

• All our mattresses are produced every 2 cm in width and length, depending on your needs (only in even dimensions).

• All mattresses have zippers and are covered by a written guarantee of 8 years.

Media Strom is the only company in Greece and one of the 9 companies in the world, which has OEKO-TEX certification for the entire mattress.

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